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Innovation award of the district of Esslingen 2013

DELPHIN Multiflock Bio is one of the finalists

Almost 50 newly developed products and services from many different industries have applied for the "Innovation award of the district of Esslingen 2013" - and Chemoform AG is one of the finalists.

„We can only protect the jobs in our region, if we continue to extend our technological lead. For this purpose innovations are absolutely necessary", said District Administrator Heinz Eininger at the award ceremony on 18th november 2013 in the headquarter of ALMiG Compressors GmbH in Koengen. "With the 'Innovation award of the district' , we would like to promote the development of innovative products, processes and services as well as new concepts in commerce and services for small and medium-sized companies in our region ", said the District Administrator.

And this words had spread in the district of Esslingen, in which the Chemoform AG has its headquarters: The jury of the innovation award, called the "Innovation Committee", had to evaluate almost 50 new products, processes and services and innovative retail concepts this year. The Innovation Committee is composed of leading companies in the district of Esslingen, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, university professors from Esslingen and Nürtingen, the Kreishandwerkerschaft, the economic developer from Esslingen and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development GmbH.

The innovation committee also examined Chemoform's innovation DELPHIN Multiflock Bio. This product is the first natural flocculant based on renewable raw materials. The new product is based on a biopolymer, that contains carbon hydrate components in its structure. Therefore DELPHIN Multi Flock Bio is consistently ecological, since it is completely biodegradable.

The experts in the jury were very impressed by this concept, which already had received an award at the „Golden Wave 2013", the innovation award of the magazine „Schwimmbad & Sauna" - and chose it in the circle of the eleven finalists. Even if it ultimately does not quite make it to the podium, Cedrik Mayer- Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG, was quite happy with this success: "To get into the finals of this competition, which is open to all sectors of economic, with a product for pool care is certainly anything but ordinary and rewarded our courage to break new ground."