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Nearly 100 people from nine different countries had discovered Chemoform AG

A comprehensive exhibition

In the last years Chemoform AG has largely extended its product range. Even long-standing and loyal customers do not know the entire range. In order to show the range the company invited customers from all over Europe to a comprehensive exhibition in mid-february. The event has been called "Discover the Chemoform AG".

"It is still a fact, that many of our customers equalizes Chemoform AG with one of the largest manufacturers of products for pool maintenance and pool cleaning. But our range today is much wider and includes products from almost all areas of the pool and spa market – frequently from our production lines", said Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of the Chemoform AG. It is for this reason, that the traditional company, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in the fall of 2012, invited customers from all over Europe to a two-day journey into his fabrication plants in Koengen near Stuttgart (Germany) and in the alsation Buhl near Muehlhausen (France).

Nearly 100 people from nine different countries were part of the 2-day-tour of Chemoform's factories in Koengen near Stuttgart and in the French town Buhl near Mühlhausen. First point has been the so called plant 2 in Koengen, which is only few kilometers away from Wendlingen. This main plant for the development and manufacturing of products for pool maintenance, pool cleaning andspa has been recently remodeled from scratch.

In an hour-longtour, the participants gained important insights into a highlymodern production facility, which sets new standards in some areas in the industry."So we have here one of the latest liquid production plants in Europe", said Mike Eberhardt, authorised representative of Chemoform AG,who has been in charge for the remodeling of the plant (a detailed report on this work can be found here).

As venue for the comprehensive exhibition, the company had deliberately chosen his youngest location: the plant in the alsatian Buhl. Here, the company manufactures different pool systems. Firstly, steel wallpools in many sizes and shapes. Secondly, the globally unique ZODIAC ORIGINAL pools, which are designed like a dinghy. And last, but not least the self-supporting AZTECK pools, that also clearly stand out from the mass of the pools because of its chic cladding made of weather-resistant wood-polymer composite.

After the three-hour transfer from Koengen to Buhl by coach the participants enjoyed a lunch buffet with typical french delicacies. After that, they were really impressed by the detailed tour through the factory buildings, in which there have been manufactured pools for several decades.

For the event the Chemoform AG has changed a hall of 350 square meters in Buhl into a kind of gigantic trade fair booth. Eyecatchers of the product show have been a AZTECK pool, completely filled with water, and a ZODIAC ORIGINAL pool, upright placed on a wall.

Customers received a complete overview of the entire range of the Chemoform AG, which was presented divided into different product areas. For example, the company showed the entire shop concept for its premium retailer brand DELPHIN, which had celebrated his much acclaimed debut at last years "aquanale" in Cologne. And also the whole range of pool maintenance products and pool maintenance accessories of its brand CHEMOFORM, which catches the attraction of end consumers more than ever with its newly designed labels.

The exhibition area "pool technique" gives a foretaste of the new retailer catalogue for 2014, which will be completed shortly. One main topic has been the completely newly designed high-tech dosing and control system "Poolcontrol XXLTouch". But there will be also some products complements and major brands, which will be sold from stock in 2014.

For example, the Chemoform AG will be delivering the circulation pumps of the famous german company Speck, which are popular and proven for many years. And also the well-established fixtures and water attractions of the german company Hugo Lahme.

With the event the Chemoform AG also announced two new partners the opportunity to present their range and their company to the participants in detail. So the Chemoform AG sells now exclusively for the german market the entire program of the company DEL. It is specialized in high-quality and very design-oriented pool covers. The range include numerous models for the sub-floor or upper floor installation.

Through the cooperation with the company Heissner the Chemoform AG breaks new ground. The traditional company from the hessian Lauterbac his one of the leading companies for lifestyle products around the water garden, garden and living area. "We increasingly see ourselves as a supplier ofthe topic ,Water in the garden'. And in this context the cooperation with Heissner is a logical consequence of our corporate strategy, which is geared towards further growth," said Cedrik Mayer-Klenk.

The show contained a lot of new and interesting informations for the customers, which also gathered to lively discussions with each other, but also with the executives of Chemoform AG during the supporting programme. To round off the first day of the show, the company had organized a wine tasting and a multi-course meal at the traditional winery " Bollberg ". The conclusion of the event was a visit to the world famous car museum Schlumpf in Muehlhausen. The unique exhibits here not only makes the hearts of the male participants beat faster.

"Our aim has been, that our customers really should rediscover our company. The reactions of the participants shows us,  that we have been successful," concluded Ulrich Pattberg,  sales manager of Chemoform AG.

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