Press releases

16.9.2016 | New cooperation in the German-speaking area

Chemoform is participating in Dr. Nüsken

Chemoform AG and Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH are laying the foundation for a long term strategic partnership in the public swimming pool market.

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04.03.2016 | Chemoform expands into Switzerland

Labulit AG joins the Chemoform-Group

The long-established Swiss company has been producing and delivering swimming pool chemicals and accessories as well as swimming pool robots of the brand AQUABOT since as early as 1967. Under the umbrella of Chemoform AG Labulit AG will continue to further evolve optimally in a more complex environment.

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23.06.2015 | New in Chemoform portfolio

DELPHIN Flockfix LowPhos

Refreshing and inviting like a crystal clear mountain lake - not only passionate pool owners envision their pool water to be like this. With the new phosphate-based DELPHIN Flockfix LowPhos flocculant, awarded with the "Golden Wave 2015" innovation prize, cloudy pool water now belongs to the past.

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02.10.2014 | A Franco-German Alliance with great surprises in store

Aqualux has joined the Chemoform Group

The French company, Aqualux, specialist in the manufacture of pool materials and equipment, joined the German group Chemoform.

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26.06.2014 | In cooperation with the management team

Chemoform AG is now a major participant of dinotec

dinotec has new owners: The well-known management team of the company with Ralph Ziegler (left) and Andreas Schmidt (right), together with Chemoform AG (in the picture: CEO Cedrik Mayer-Klenk), are the new owners of the company.

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06.06.2014 | Interesting addition to the range

Chemoform AG has taken over the part pool production of Krülland

Chemoform AG has broadened its range of self-manufactured pool systems: The company has taken over the part pool production of Krülland. From now on Chemoform AG will manufacture these well-known aluminum wall and steel wall pools in its pool production plant located in the french town Buhl.

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03.06.2014 | Chemoform AG finances remarkable school project

Long-term support secures swimming training

A single help is good, long-term support is better: According to this motto, Chemoform AG has decided to support the primary school of Koengen, where one of the company’s main plants is located, with an important project. The primary school will ensure that all pupils can swim safely by the time they have finished primary school. Chemoform AG will (on a long term basis?) finance the cost of this swimming training, which is organized by the school and takes place in the public swimming pool of Plochingen.

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27.03.2014 | Chemoform AG strengthens sales activities

Successful in Russia

Chemoform AG strengthens its sales activities on the Russian market: In 2014, the traditional company will be exhibiting at five Russian trade fairs in order to make new interesting contacts.

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25.02.2014 | Nearly 100 people from nine different countries had discovered Chemoform AG

A comprehensive exhibition

In the last years Chemoform AG has largely extended its product range. Even long-standing and loyal customers do not know the entire range. In order to show the range the company invited customers from all over Europe to a comprehensive exhibition in mid-february. The event has been called “Discover the Chemoform AG”.

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30.01.2014 | Chemoform AG gets fit for pool season 2014

Conference in the snow

Not only the members of the new german government, but also many employees of Chemoform AG and its international subsidiaries and associates met in January for a conference. The venue was the mountain village of Savognin, located in the heart of the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

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02.12.2013 | Innovative new product convinced the jury

DELPHIN Multiflock Bio is one of the finalists

Almost 50 newly developed products and services from many different industries have applied for the „Innovation award of the district of Esslingen 2013“ – and Chemoform AG is one of the finalists.

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05.11.2013 | Successful exhibition at the trade fair "aquanale"

Two booths - many new ideas

Many new ideas were presented at Chemoform’s two booths at the pool and spa trade fair aquanale, October 22-25th in Cologne. The show was a great success not only due to the well-presented booth but mostly because of the many relationships that were established.

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29.10.2013 | Well-known name, but completely redesigned

One system, a variety of applications

Chemoform launches a new and universal multi-channel system for measuring, control and dosing. Wherever various parameters in liquids need to be measured, displayed, controlled and registered, this new system is the right choice. The data registration process does not allow any manual manipulation of data.

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21.10.2013 | Experienced industry expert joins the team

Andreas Wilken strengthens sales team

New recruitment for Chemoform AG: Since the beginning of October 2013 Andreas Wilken, 45 years old, is part of Chemoform‘s sales team.

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11.10.2013 | Site 2 remodeled from scratch

Ready for further growth

The Chemoform AG has grown significantly during the last years. In order to be able to continue this growth, Chemoform has made some heavy investments in their main site in Köngen. The production facilities have been remodeled from scratch and production and energy technologies have been modernized.

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24.07.2013 | Deputy Head of Regional Chamber of Commerce visited Chemoform AG

Honorary certificate for "best ager"

Best agers is a popular description of 50 year olds in their best years. This description also applies to the Chemoform AG.

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01.07.2013 | Successful development advances continually

Chemoform AG have extended their executive team

Chemoform AG has strengthened their executive team with two experienced specialists in key positions since the beginning of June.

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28.05.2013 | First pilot project of the new Shop-Concept has been completed

Successful Premiere

First-class products, first-class presentation: This is the way the new shop concept can be summarised, with which the Delphin brand desires to become even more successful with partners from the specialized trade.

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18.03.2013 | Chemoform AG wins major award

Brand new - and already award-winning

Every two years, the prestigious journal "Schwimmbad & Sauna", Europe's largest Pool & Spa Magazine, hands out the Product Innovation Award "Golden Wave" to highlight important innovations. This year's list of winners includes the Chemoform AG in Wendlingen.

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14.03.2013 | The donation of the Chemoform AG is a big success

Real help gets to where it is needed

Along with the 50 year anniversary in autum 2012 the Chemoform AG has made a donation with a total value of 5 000 euros for swimming lessons in the region. A first evaluation shows that the donation has been very useful and the donation actually got to where it was needed.

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01.03.2013 | "Planet C Stainless steel cleaner" is "good and low-priced"

Chemoform AG wins in comparison test

The Swiss consumer magazine "Ktipp" has tested Stainless steel cleaners. The result is that Chemoform's "Planet C Stainless steel cleaner” is the best and even lowest-priced cleaner.

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22.02.2013 | aqua-therm 2013 Moscow

Many new contacts

A higher number of exhibitors and visitors attended the international trade fair. The Chemoform team instantly noticed the rise as many visitors showed a large interest.

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19.02.2013 | bsw-Infotage

Popular meeting place in Bonn

Chemoform AG presents important news for the upcoming pool season to national and international swimming pool retailers on 1st and 2nd March.

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30.11.2012 | Focus on sustainability

New packaging protects the environment

Chemoform AG uses high-tech corrugated board.

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16.11.2012 | Piscine 2012

New concepts receive fantastic feedback

Chemoform AG draws a positive conclusion of the "Piscine" in Lyon.

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16.10.2012 | Amazing atmosphere at anniversary event

A great show in Wendlingen

Around 260 international guests are impressed by the event "50 years of Chemoform".

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16.10.2012 | interbad 2012

New booth and exciting innovations

Chemoform AG presented at the exhibition "interbad" many new ideas.

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04.10.2012 | Sylvia Grüll and Mark Böttger joined the team

Two new department managers at the Chemoform AG

Two new department managers now strengthen the team of Chemoform AG.

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26.09.2012 | 50 years Chemoform AG: Celebrating the anniversary with a great donation

Chemoform supports safety

Along with the 50 year anniversary the Chemoform AG has come up with a very special idea to contribute.

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